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Image by Miguel Bruna

The Republic of Panama is considered a major jurisdiction for the creation of businesses and the execution of extraterritorial transactions. Due to its geographic position, it has become a thriving international financial center that opens doors to many world-class investors seeking to protect their assets and maintain stability with regards to the income their companies generate. As a legal firm oriented to providing quality services, we can assist you in the creation of corporations and private interest foundations, both in the Republic of Panama as well as in other jurisdictions that fulfill your requirements.

Among the various advantages provided by corporations are: 

  • All income the company generates outside the national territory of the Republic of Panama is exempt from Panamanian income taxes.

  • A corporation’s capital is not subject to any type of tax whatsoever.

  • Neither the company’s Directors nor its officers are required to be Shareholders; therefore, the end beneficiary of the corporation remains anonymous.

  • Board members, as well as end officers, can be foreign citizens. Panamanian citizenship is only required when the corporation plans to engage in the retail, agency, representation, or distribution business in the Republic of Panama.

  • Both Shareholders and Board meetings may be held outside Panama. Also, Directors and Shareholders can be represented by another person, both at the Board of Directors and at meetings thereof.

  • The keeping of accounting records may take place either in Panama or abroad.

  • A Panamanian corporation is incorporated within a maximum timeframe of five (5) days.

  • The end beneficiary or the members of the Board of Directors need not to physically relocate to Panama.

  • The keeping of the company’s assets can take place under any currency (Yuan, Pesos, US Dollars, among others).

  • The legislation allows for the company's authorized common capital to remain unpaid at the moment of the company's incorporation.

  • The corporation’s assets may surpass the amount of the authorized common capital; in other words, a corporation with a capital of USD$10,000.00 or less can possess assets surpassing, in thousands or millions of dollars, the capital amount stated on the articles of incorporation.

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