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Simple stock company
  • Articles of Incorporation by which the Public Limited Company is constituted, duly registered in the Public Registry of Panama, in Spanish.
  • General Power of Administration (if required by the client, it will be included in the Articles of Incorporation and has an additional cost).
  • Original certificate from the Public Registry where the existence of the company is established.
  • Two share transfer documents signed by the subscribers of the Articles of Incorporation.
  • Company share certificates. (From the third (3) certificate of action you must pay $ 25.00 dollars for each additional certificate).
  • Payment of the Flat Rate or corporate tax that the company must pay for the first year of incorporation.
  • Apostille / Certification of documents. (Within the costs it is not included authentications before embassies or consulates).
  • Fees for the first year as Resident Agent.

Simple stock company

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