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Incorporation of Private Interest Foundation Premium

Incorporation of Private Interest Foundation + Nominal Founder + Nominal Foundation Council + Bank account

  • Founding Act, by which the Private Interest Foundation is constituted, duly registered in the Public Registry of Panama.
  • Original certificate from the Public Registry stating the existence of the Foundation.
  • Nominal Founder required by Law for the creation of the foundation.
  • General Power of Administration in a private document in favor of the interested party.
  • Apostille or Certification of documents (Consulates and Embassies costs are not included).
  • Foundational Regulations by which the Beneficiaries are designated.
  • Fees for the first year as Resident Agent.
  • Nominal Founder and Foundation Council required by Law.
  • Introduction to opening a bank account in the bank of your choice in Panama or in another jurisdiction.  The service includes not only the introduction to make the process more expeditious, but also document handling, use of PO box and sending bank documents (checkbooks, cards, pins) by courier.

Incorporation of Private Interest Foundation Premium

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