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Many business people start their companies with a clear idea, a good motivation, and a well-designed business plan, but center their objectives on the market and establish competitive sales rates by finding the lowest possible costs, often neglecting the topic of cost & income control due to a lack of accounting and administrative services, which are sometimes viewed as unnecessary expenses when starting operations.

Accounting is the main tool for measuring business success or failure. Whenever a businessman decides to cancel the services of an accounting advisor, he/she places their investments at risk and may incur in sanctions due to their lack of knowledge on major accounting matters.

Each functioning business must establish the accountancy techniques it ought to follow to identify, classify, register, and continue accounting files to be able to always obtain reports that can aid business make timely decisions.

Income Statements & Tax Projections

After gathering their accounting data for a particular Fiscal Period, taxpayers will state their income, costs, and expenses generated during the aforementioned period, and will proceed to pay the pertaining taxes at a time stipulated by law. It will always be the responsibility of the taxpayer to revise and pay his/her taxes on time, to avoid fines, surcharges, and interests that could affect the business’ financial situation.

Audit Services

Audits may help an organization identify any errors of accounting, allowing decision-makers to amend any issue that may affect the execution of the business’ strategy, thus steering the organization back toward its initial objectives.

Audits can help business owners, managers, and other officials establish methods to achieve good financial and management controls. By analyzing a statement of financial position, it is possible to identify any situation of risk in addition to discovering potential financial opportunities. Likewise, by revising a company’s income statement, decision-makers may plan various strategies to obtain higher profitability levels and steer the organization to brighter horizons.

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Areas of Accounting Expertise

Tax Law

-Agricultural Property Exemptions

-Donated Property Exemptions

-Tax Residency Certificates

-The assessment of international agreements to avoid double taxation.

Advisory Services

-Business Acquisition

-Business Sale

-Strategic Alliances

-Fund Search

-Performance Improvement

-Strategic Orientation

-Tax Consultancy & Advisory Services

Accounting Services

-Accounting Advice

-Financial Advice

-Managerial Advice

-Corporate Risks Advice

-Monthly Accounting

-Income Statements & Tax Projections


-Payroll Outsourcing

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