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Limited Company Elite Package

Limited Company + Nominee Directors + Bank Account + Virtual Office Service + basic website + Operation notice

  • Articles of Incorporation by which the Public Limited Company is constituted, duly registered in the Public Registry of Panama, in Spanish and English.
  • General Power of Administration (if required by the client, it will be included in the Articles of Incorporation and has an additional cost).
  • Original certificate from the Public Registry where the existence of the company is established.
  • Two documents of transfer of shares and resignations signed by the subscribers of the Articles of Incorporation and the nominee directors.
  • Two share transfer documents signed by the subscribers of the Articles of Incorporation.
  • Company share certificates. (From the third (3) certificate of action you must pay $ 25.00 dollars for each additional certificate).
  • Payment of the Flat Rate or corporate tax that the company must pay for the first year of incorporation.
  • Apostille / Certification of documents. (Within the costs it is not included authentications before embassies or consulates).
  • Fees for the first year as Resident Agent.
  • Introduction to opening a bank account in the bank of your choice in Panama or in another jurisdiction.  The service includes not only the introduction to make the process more expeditious, but also document handling, use of PO box and sending bank documents (checkbooks, cards, pins) by courier.
  • Virtual Office Service for one year.
  • Basic web page.
  • Record of Operation Notice or Commercial License: obtain a certificate of operation permit for your business on a day approved by the Ministry of Commerce.

Limited Company Elite Package

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