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Private Interest Foundations in Panama offer clear advantages for the planning of international assets, thus being the best option with regards to privacy, anonymity, and protection for the foundation’s Protectors, Founders, and Beneficiaries. The Panamanian foundation is a solution to a global need for accessibility, anonymity, flexibility, and asset planning that can be used to hold assets such as corporations, trusts, bank accounts, investment accounts, real estate, and any other type of asset.

Private Interest Foundations are entities whereby a founder possesses assets that are set aside for specific goals. The beneficiaries and the protectors of said foundations must follow the aforementioned goals by the specifications of the articles of incorporation, known as the Foundational Articles.

According to our legislation on Private Interest Foundation, any individual or corporation can be designated as a foundation’s beneficiary regardless of nationality or country of registry. PIF may carry out commercial activities in a non-traditional manner or exercise the rights derived from the assets that comprise the foundation’s property, providing that the proceeds of said activities be exclusively devoted to the foundation’s purposes.

A company’s shares or the dividends thereof may be transferred to the foundation as property, which may likewise be distributed to the beneficiaries, according to what is stipulated on the Foundational Articles.

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